Children’s Ministry

Vision: “Training Up Children, Made Ready and Prepared for the Lord”

What to expect in Super Church: The main thing your kids can expect in Super Church is an adventure! We see our lessons as “Adventures for Life!”

Join us for an adventure in the word of God for Life. God’s word for Life that is lived from day to day, and Life everlasting! We want to give the children opportunity to be part of their learning experience. A lot of our lessons include asking the children what they think scripture means, asking them for examples of what the lesson is about. By getting them to talk, and guiding them to what the word says, it helps them be able to do the same thing in life!

Volunteer Opportuities: Come join us!

Teachers (download application)
YAP: Youth Assistance Program (download application)
Lead: Crafts and Games
Lead: Concessions and Snacks
Manager: Bible Bucks Store
Mascot Training (Titus the Tiger)
If any questionsdownload volunteer faqs